Friday, June 1, 2007

Pen and ink portrait

This drawing was a HUGE challenge for me. I had always avoided drawing people in a realistic way. I finally decided I would push myself and do this portrait of my son Tyler back in 2001 when he was 10. I surprised myself, that this came out so well.

This is actually quite a large drawing. I really liked the realistic effect I achieved with the jeans. I also like the railroad tie in the background. As I drew this, I put off drawing the face until last - I was afraid I couldn't do it. Finally, I started and it worked out pretty well. The good news about this drawing: I did it. The bad news: this was the last portrait I have ever done. I should have done one like this of our other son, Luke, but I never did. Maybe I should do him next.
Paper: heavy weight watercolor paper
Pen: rotring rapidograph
Orginal size: 6.5x9.5 inches, 16.5x24 cm.
Number of pen strokes: 1,256,832
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Devil's Son said...

lots of nice illustration and art work!~
i like it~~

very nice...

everyone was posting blog about this drink...
and it's in anywhere ym status, in avatar~~lol
so i guess the chance of winning is not that easy now~~~

anyway, wish u good luck also!


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