Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Keeping my Sanity

More meeting doodles. I'm not sure why doodling helps me to concentrate during meetings, but it does. I like these kinds of shapes - all of them are random, with no planning whatsoever. When you doodle, what do you doodle?


mcmuffie said...

If you like coffee, check out this coffee company. http://www.storyville.com/
We serve it at http://fridaynightsinferndale.wordpress.com/2008/05/30/what-makes-jesus-superior-to-other-saviors/

Tim Shuman said...

Mcmuffie, What a great website! Storyville.com Can't wait until the come to Germany. Thanks for the recommendation. Blessings on your ministry. TS

Rus said...

Is it possible for doodling to be illegible? If so, that's what I doodle. :-)

Now if you will excuse me, I may seriously need to go order some good coffee....I think I'm sold after watching "The Truth"

Andy said...

You doodle during meetings for the same reason that I have 20 GB of audiobooks on my computer at work: Sometimes, you just have to let the other side of your brain do its thing to keep it from intruding. You need to distract the right side of your brain so that the left can listen to the meeting; I have to distract the left so that I can work in a purely visual environment.

Tim Shuman said...

I seriously need to read up on the right brain, left brain thing. I think you're right. Any book suggestions? TS

Andy said...

You could do worse than to start with the classic "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards. Granted, it's more about drawing than it is about brains, but therein lies a large part of the appeal. My sister studied under Edwards at Cal State Long Beach, but I never met her myself. Highly recommended.

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