Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sam Rotman in Concert

Last night Mr. Sam Rotman gave a piano concert here at our school. What a treat that was. While Sam played the piano I drew in my Moleskine. It was a great combination of music and drawing. The hour and a half seemed more like 15 minutes to me.

This is a close up of Mr. Rotman at work. I loved the curve of his back and neck as he played. He certainly was "into" his work.
I couldn't help but notice how Sam methodically took off his glasses and put them on the piano just prior to playing each piece.

Click here to learn more about Mr. Rotman.


Julie said...

I keep dropping in for a quick look at this - its just so perceptive!

As a result of browsing your images of note making my husband bought himself a hard cover note book to experiment with, while we were on holiday.

Tim Shuman said...

Julie, thank you for your kind comment. Wow, that's so cool that your husband bought to experiment with. That's encouraging.

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